Coral 2k

Wireless control and monitoring




CoralAMBIENT® is a wireless solution to monitor and control any environment. It is specially designed to foster the energetic efficiency by a smart control of lighting and climatization systems. Sensors fitted in the WSAN network allow us to obtain accurate information in real time regarding the temperature, luminosity and dampness.

Based on these values and following the settings configured by the user, CoralAMBIENT® can perform a smart control of the environment to foster a better used of the resources and reduce the energetic consumption. For example, lights will be only on if there is someone in the room and the environmental light is enough.

Wireless nodes can be fitted to any type of sensors in order to fulfill end-user requirements and then monitor specific parameters such as gas levels, movement, level of noise, pressure or of any other type.

Its simple deployment and configuration as well as its low consumption makes CoralAMBIENT® a solution for the energy efficiency and the applicable monitoring in environments like office blocks, centers of public use, industry, stores, farms of animals, measurements and environmental studies and many others.

Additionaly, CoralAMBIENT® can also be deployed as a monitoring system to allow end-users to obtain information environmental parameters. Based on these parameters, end-user will be able to define alarms which will be raised when values are not in the expected ranges.


The booklet on the use of Coral2K® on intelligent environments can be downloaded by clicking on the following link


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